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Alpine Treatments

Hints of lavender fill the air. On the table is a plate full of herbs, behind it Katarina Zausinova, Spa Manager at Das Rübezahl hotel. Her long black hair frames her fine features, while she carefully sprinkles the right amount of herbs on a square piece of linen. About four shot glasses full of nettle, three of lemon balm and two of lavender. "Depending on the purpose, the ingredients vary", Katarina says. "That is the beauty of making the herbal balls yourself: we always know exactly what they contain." This way, any potential intolerances guests may have can also be addressed. As long as we know about it in advance, she says. The finished herbal balls have to be soaked in hot herbal oil for half an hour.
However, around 50 herbal balls with the standard filling are available in stock at all times – they are very popular. Looking at their effect, this comes as no surprise. "Many people underestimate stinging nettle and dismiss it as a weed", says Katarina. "But it is a truly powerful plant. It has cleansing, purifying, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects." Lemon balm too is very effective. Just like nettle, it has analgesic properties. It is also cramp-relieving and strengthening. Lavender has an antiseptic, calming and relaxing effect. "Linen is absorbing the active ingredients in the herbs and oils very well", Katarina explains, adding the last herbs on to the cloth. “Additionally, this natural material is antibacterial and heat-conductive". While she ties the linen cloth into a compress and firmly knots it together, the finished, palm-sized compresses are already soaking in hot herbal oil next door – time to start the treatment.

The treatment room is suffused with the soft light of a few tea lights dipping it in warm colors. While Katarina adjusts the massage table to a comfortable hight for her to work, she applies gentle pressure to the energy points on the soles of the client's feet. Carefully, she moves the hot linen herbal balls along the spine. Quickly the body gets used to this particular heat and the muscles begin to relax.
While two herbal balls are resting at the ends of the spine, their heat is slowly spreading throughout the body. Katarina is meanwhile massaging the neck muscles and the head. Light friction helps to calm the mind, gentle pulling relaxes the neck. In a flowing motion Katarina's hands return to the back. Warm oil is applied on the back, while she loosens the muscles with large stroking movements. The interplay of herbal scent and soothing massage allows for a moment free of worries. Then Katarina moves the herbal balls up and down the back in a drumming motion in order to work the herbs and oil into the muscles and tissue. Under the pressure of her hands, the herbs make crunching sounds, the entire back is bathed in herbal extracts and oil, while the infused linen is stimulating the skin.

In addition to the herbal balls, the Beauty Alm is offering numerous other alpine treatments. For a back or full body massage, guests can choose between lavender, mountain pine, stone pine or edelweiss oil. Further options are the Allgäu stone massage, a foot massage with St. John's wort cream, a hay flower pack or honey mask and peeling made with the hotel's own honey.

Das Rübezahl hotel is offering something very special for couples: the Private Spa Suite. Here you can indulge in up to two and a half hours of relaxation in your own privacy. Couples can unwind during a romantic bath with rose oil in a large round tub and – if they like – over a glass of champagne. In addition to a stone pine infrared cabin with adjustable light therapy, the steam shower is another highlight. Turn your shower into a steam bath – marvellous! There is also the possibility to arrange for a partner treatment. A translucent curtain separates the massage space. We recommend that couples book the Private Spa Suite including the treatments directly when booking. The Beauty Alm is always well attended and special arrangements quickly sell out. The large cosy bed ensures a romantic finale. Here couples rest together after the treatment while enjoying delicacies from the Alps region.